Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle

  • Singer: Lauren Daigle
  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2023-05-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2023 Centricity Music exclusively marketed and distributed by Atlantic Recording Corpo


Title Artist Time
Thank God I Do Lauren Daigle 4:18
Saint Ferdinand (feat. Jon Bat Lauren Daigle 4:17
New Lauren Daigle 2:56
Waiting Lauren Daigle 3:11
To Know Me Lauren Daigle 3:31
Kaleidoscope Jesus Lauren Daigle 3:54
Valuable Lauren Daigle 4:29
Don't Believe Them Lauren Daigle 3:46
Ego Lauren Daigle 3:28
These Are The Days Lauren Daigle 3:50

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  • Reviews

    • I love Lauren

      By IMW8N4JESUS
      I may not be fond of the style of music of this album, but no one has the right to question her faith. She is gifted by God to sing and her lyrics are amazing. Christian’s should not put others on a pedestal especially if they can’t reach that high.
    • Thoroughly Enjoying.

      By sillyplatypus
      I am enjoying this new and have it on repeat right now. It’s a fun sound and relaxing.
    • Love Lauren but..

      By FAYMR
      Only like maybe one or two songs on here. SO sad. Had high hopes.
    • Almost Perfection

      By The Cross is Enough!
      Lauren's best album from start to end. She was adivsed to make 2 albums and release every song of her 20 songs that she created. That might be a great choice. There's only maybe 3 songs this one that I don't think were quite ready- To Know Me, Kaleidoscope Jesus, Ego and These Are the Days. These Are the Days is definitely upbeat and needed however it is too repetitive and needed some different words to change it up. I get that these are the days after saying about 50 times. My favorite track is "Waiting." Amazing! Words and mood on point. She is singing in a lane that sounds like Amy Winehouse. Love the soulful smooth NOLANS sounds of Miss Daigle. Next, I like Thank God I Do. She definitely released the right songs. Next favorite is "Don't Believe Them." Goose bumps. What an anthem! "New" is another jam that reminds of a Lauren Hill smooth jam. Good analogy of dying to one's self and accepting Christ as a new creation. St. Ferninand has worn on me. At 1st listen I didn't care for it but it's a good lane for Lauren that she really excels in. Valuable is a nice soft sweet song. Lauren is definitely growing and becoming quite a great artist. Possibly my favorite female artist.

      By nickeltherapy
      I love this album! A lot of people listen only to the music, but Lauren is a wordsmith, a lyricist who is able to fill her music with depth, and still pays homage to Christ in every single song. I remind myself that Jesus didn't do what the Pharisees of his day wanted him to do, and instead sought out those who needed to hear his Word...the masses. So, I applaudd Lauren's daring, I love her voice, her playing with some different types of music, and having fun, while overall, staying true to God and his message while reaching as many people as possible. Go Lauren!!!
    • In disguise

      By bab1972
      The rainbow is of course code. She promotes sin to gain fame.
    • Absolutely beautiful!!!

      By Lmnog1960
      Lauren’s voice, words and melodies are amazing, a God given blessing to her and to everyone who listens to her!! And if you have listened to her testimony and understand the words of her songs, you will have no doubt that she is wholly dedicated to serving Jesus, and definitely tuned in, body and soul, to turning a “pop” fan into a follower of Jesus. Bravo again and again, Lauren!!!
    • Amazing!

      By thecleanmschine
      I will forever be thankful for the music she makes! I love this album!
    • Mixed feelings

      By ErnestoLoza
      I have mixed feelings about this album. I like the colorful, more upbeat songs but find the album lacking lyrically. There’s no shortage of “pop” singers out there. What used to set Lauren apart were her deep Christ centered lyrics. This album is clearly a crossover attempt. Marketed as Pop instead of Christian. Most of her fans, myself included, will continue to support her but I do hope in the words of her own song she will “come back home” on part 2 and moving forward.
    • Best Christian Lyrics

      By It’s the Lyrics
      If people don’t think this is a Christian album then they don’t know Jesus. The lyrics are so deep and impactful. The music is whimsical and spirit filled. Not like her previous albums, but in many ways better. Give it a listen and listen to what she is saying; it will make an impact! Bravo Zulu Lauren!