Alcoholics Anonymous - Original Edition (Audiobook)

Alcoholics Anonymous - Original Edition (Audiobook)

  • Singer: Aa
  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2007-05-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2007 AA


Title Artist Time
Forward Aa 2:19
Doctors Opinion Aa 13:30
Chapter 1 - Bill's Story Aa 27:30
Chapter 2 - There Is a Solutio Aa 22:04
Chapter 3 - More About Alcohol Aa 23:23
Chapter 4 - We Agnostics Aa 24:09
Chapter 5 - How It Works Aa 23:51
Chapter 6 - Into Action Aa 28:46
Chapter 7 - Working With Other Aa 23:11
Chapter 8 - to Wives Aa 26:59
Chapter 9 - the Family Afterwa Aa 22:27
Chapter 10 - to Employers Aa 22:48
Chapter 11 - a Vision for You Aa 22:25
The Doctors Nightmare Aa 59:54

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  • Reviews

    • Living the Solution

      By FriendOfBillW
      I purchased this because it is hard for me to sit down and read. I am so glad I did not listen to the comments about the "movie guy" narrator. It is a little adjustment when listening for the first time. The purpose of the book is to carry the message and it does! I realized after my second time listening to it that I wasn't even focused any more on the voice.. just the message. I heard so much more than ever!! Highly recommended! Well worth it!! Just give it a chance... IDENTIFY.. DON'T COMPARE AND ENJOY!!
    • Where did it downloaded?

      By RARAOR
      I just purchased this audio book but I can't find the downloads on the library menu at the left side of the screen. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
    • I Love It!!!

      By aliveandsober
      It is great to see the source of our solution recorded so Blind alcoholics will be able to hear it, people who have trouble reading can hear it, and I can listen to it while I mow the lawn if I want to. Great stuff, Thank You!!!
    • I would submit ....

      By Pinzgauer
      If any traditions are broken here it is by members of the fellowship who engage in controversy. AA ought never be drawn into it. That IS a tradition.
    • Not Recommended

      By AngelGuardians
      The speaker was clear but I found it difficult to listen to the reader's voice for too long. His tone was not consistent with the information he was reading. His animated voice was distracting...too much!
    • Glad on MP3 - But reading has mistakes

      By mngirl1234
      I was glad to find the big book on iTunes. I read the reviews of people who didn't like the reader's voice. I was okay with that. I thought, however, I didn't like that he mis-spoke many of the words in the book. Many important parts of the book. It was obvious he wasn't a friend of Bill W and was just announcing the words, not feeling the content. For example, he said, "Rarely have we seen someone FALL who has thoroughly followed our path." It's FAIL...not FALL... There are number of examples like that. I found it distracting. Wish someone who knew the program would have read it. But, as I said, nice to have a chance to hear the book in the car or while out and about.
    • traditions and our name missunderstood.

      By Sober Chicken
      The WSO does sell the big book on tape, and on CD, as this is also COPYWRITED I am assuming it is them as well. Funds from this go to help make more literature, we could only hope that we could get all of our books on tape. To do so would cost the WSO money, money that either comes from donations or from "sales" like this. Please dont think that AA is profiting from sales, as it is not. Back in the 90's there was a surplus from sales, so they cut the cost of the literature. As to those saying our name is ... do some homework (like read Dr Bob and the good old timers) we get our name from the book, and the first two names bill choose were all ready taken. AA is AA to remind us of the stigma that we carry, not so much today as we did in 1936. Lives used to be destroyed by us saying so and so is here (still is in some rare cases, as I know a major surgon in my local AA.) The name isnt lets all hide. If you found this you looked. it wasnt promoted. As for the speaker on these tapes, its about as dry as reading it. If you think you can do better join a book study and read to your hearts content. The WSO made this not for our lazyness, but for those who could not read. And I bet that those who needed it really didnt care about tone, but the fact that they too could get the book in thier head. If you REALLY want to make a difference in the voice attend distict/area meetings, call the WSO, or make your own copy (and as a plus you get to read the whole thing too) As to the cost, go look up what the CD version costs at your local intergroup. last i checked it was still 60USD. ODAT
    • Note:

      By Fun01
      What part of anonymous is misunderstood here? Please help this program remain anonymous and out of the public eye.
    • seriously?

      By john75
      Did I read that correctly? Did someone actually state that if they don't like the narrarators voice then they are probably drinking again or not ready to get sober? One of the many, many reasons why I left this cult four years ago. Run, don't walk away from AA.
    • Traditions not applied?

      By Jack N
      Please tell me which of the 12 traditions state members can only purchase from AA. If you carry a chip in your pocket then you already broke it.